martedì 27 settembre 2016

Pravěkfest V

this weekend from September 30 to October 1 in Prague you can attempt the very Noise Festival Pravěkfest V! In this occasion will play different bands, between them my own project Nac/Hut Report. I will also play with well known to the readers of this blog Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus. More info you can find here and the details about all the bands that will perform you can find below. Be noisy!

Totenwald (dark wave/post-punk, DE) 
Immigrant punk from Berlin with intimate Joy Division-like atmosphere, but spiced by particularly decadent visage. The most bizarre elements from punk, riot grrrl, goths and dystopia, fluffy and a bit experimental sound, it will really be a „wrong place wrong time“!

Nac/Hut Report (avantgarde, PL)
Nac/Hut Report are very influenced by inter-war avantgarde and exactly this is remarkable on their sound. Rather hard to classify their style, it sounds like very noisy Björk or Jarboe, thus you can clear female vocals and hypnotic electro-noise loops, but in venue like FAMU it will be as atmospheric as ever!

Breit (stoner rock/doom, DE) 
The last confirmed band is this gloomy psychedelia with female vocals from Leipzig! Stoned riffs, winsome vocals, hypnosis as fuck! 

Smuteční Slavnost (black metal)
This hopeful residential anti-racist black metal band had to solve difficult changes in line up, but nowadays it's compact again. Thus you can looking forward to atmospheric darkness again, style similar to AST, Downfall of Gaia or Altar of Plagues is definitely what we want to hear! 

nulajednanulanula (post-hardcore)
Emo/screamo in rather acute way, this band has recorded just one demo, but in the case of authenticity it should be envied by lot of well-known post-hardcorist. Moreover, their merchandise is available just for donations, this is how we see DIY in praxis! We have waited so long for band like this! 

Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus feat. Brigitte Roussel (avantgarde nun-noise)
Have you ever met masked nuns fetishistically in love with world dictators of the past? If so, you know that music was finished on the killing fields. You simply cannot escape from harsh noisy sequences of this einsatz koNuNdo, prepare yourselves to feel like run over by 500 trains loaded with heavily armored tanks. This time the nuns will be reinforced by the messiah of contemporary avantgarde, Brigitte Roussel, the spiritual descendant of Josephine Baker and Tetsuo:-)

ANTN Crew (elektro-rave-noise)
Anal Tenor Crew are rather known within Prague scene. You can expect genre mixing of hypnotic minimalistic noise, rave beats and experimental spaces, where you can see a creation of the world!

The Prostory Revival + Miroslav Sosoi (acid/rave/noise + poetry)
The improvisation unit – the poets without borders. Junkie music. Now you can do everything. Now you are really adult. This mash is cold, but camp fire is still ablaze. We are smoking tea and sage and throwing all of this back to trash. This planet is not ours and the next won't be as well. The atom is falling, wish something. The sun is a wizard and you are the moon sinking to a mere. I take you hand. You changed to a fish. I must admit I love to grow old. 

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