lunedì 13 maggio 2019

with love

lunedì 18 marzo 2019

Nac/Hut Report - Wszystko Jeszcze Jest (2019)

last weekend together with Crunchy Human Children Records we have released our new album "Wszystko Jeszcze Jest"
a lot of dreamy atmospheres and as always a lot of noise, this time with polish lyrics, hope you'll enjoy it.
stay tuned

martedì 10 luglio 2018

Polish Experimental Garden - Rosa Vertov

this new part of blog will be dedicated to new Polish scene, there's quite a few bands that are worth your attention and really a lot of great music. we will start with one of the most interesting, a Warsaw formation - Rosa Vertov

mercoledì 21 marzo 2018

Found in the River/Spring breeze

 we all need a bit of Spring I guess, so with these two melodic albums I hope you will find the right vibe to enjoy the sun that is coming back :)

mercoledì 14 marzo 2018

Found in the River/Makunouchi Bento

new great record from Makunouchi Bento, really worth to check it out

venerdì 9 marzo 2018

Złota Jesień - new album coming out

too cool. can't wait to see their gig tomorrow. if for any chance you're in Krakow, come to see this amazing band at RE Klub

martedì 6 marzo 2018

Found in the River/oOo

last oOo release. dig it!

lunedì 5 marzo 2018

Found in the River/Quefear

the last Lp of Quefear, released  last November.  stay tuned!

giovedì 1 marzo 2018

Sounds from underground/File N°73

TRUPA TRUPA. so in some way, I don't even know how it could have happen, I never posted this wonderful band on my blog, that's a shame, because this polish formation rocks for real. I can ensure you about it because recenlty I saw thier gig and I felt like the best music era is still to come. as actually I'm based in Krakow, Poland, I'd like to introduce you to the scene that in the last 2 years gave light to some really amazing bands. so stay tuned and enjoy these awsome guys

mercoledì 28 febbraio 2018

Found in the River/Choicey

with Choicey we'll start this new part of blog <<Found in the River>> and it'll be relative to the music/bands/artists that in some way we already know down h
you could remeber Choicey as Tedwyn James, the post post you can find here, and with <Mingus, You>, he made a great Lp.
His new material you can find on YT, it has been dedicated to his Dad on his 70th birthday.
thank you so much Choicey!

Come back to the gold soundz

it has been really long time I didn't post anything on this blog, in same way the format found his end and in some way there was a lot of stuff to do. long story short - in the last months I received mails form band we could discover right here and stumble in a lot of great music on local scene. for this reason I decided to come back with blog in more open form, usually just posting great music I find around or that I have luck to receive. back again with the underground frequencies!

lunedì 28 agosto 2017

End of the Summer

soon we're coming back after the summer break with new posts and interviews. we have a lot of amazing stuff found in these months. stay tuned!

giovedì 1 giugno 2017

Sounds from underground/File N°72

It's happening again. Like Twin Peaks. New album of Nac/Hut Report, entitled "Grey Zone Collapse Nostalgia" is out right now and I personally hope - as a member of the band - that it'll freak you up. this summer gonna be weird and noisy!

martedì 16 maggio 2017

Voice of Underground - How we loved and played in 2016.

  many bloggers in the beginning of the year make some kind of classification of the best albums of the last 12 months. As I don't like any kind of hierarchy I preferred to create this wonderful collage of interviews I made in 2016. As every band answered to the same questions we have an opportunity to see how the underground bands see the musical context nowadays, which are the instruments used right now by the experimental scene and much more. I hope that this article/huge interview/collage of thoughts will help you to understand the the underground is stronger and more united then ever. thanks to all the bands that contribute to the blog, for their music and for making this world a better place - without people like you we would have to listen Justin(choose the Justin you wish there's always some that makes shitty music). but as I used to do, i leave the voice to the musicians. This is the Voice of Underground. How we loved and played in 2016.

0. name of the band

Figure With Meat, Primidivinity, Filthy Little Star, Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus, 1:11, ILD I DIT ANSIGT, СЕСТРА ХАМЕЛЕОН, República Bananera, Slow Slow Loris, Raune & McCartney, The Son of a Seagull,Theo Nugraha,Douglas Feto Alado, Gripper, DJ Crivellator, Queelum, ESMECTATONS, Perra Galga, Złota Jesień, DISLEXIA FREE, Päfgens, 1994, Plebs & Fuckboys, YOUNG PRIMATES, Sagabarindo Tuchela, Lu Garfield, ClearVisionDream Productions, Strikkeklubben, Quefear, EOJ, Kitxch, Nuances dEngrais, TEKNA, Dominik Suchy, Drearian, Paddock, t.b. OR NOT t.b., Екатерина Литвинова, Rat Filth, Be the Hammer, The Parking Lot Experiments, Secret Salmon, CRØSSENSE, Tedwyn James, Lilylivered, Dogless, Mr Holiday, Greg White, Antichrist Volt, Cloud Choir, Human Pesticide, Flores Feias, Buraco Negro, Aux Luna, Drwiwy, Skyjelly , Vincent Eoppolo, CANDY, Wild Books, Micleusanu, Toypurina, Restroom music.

1. where are you from?

Mansfield, Ohio. Hartford. Hobart, Tasmania. Czech Republic. Seoul. Aarhus, Denmark. Odessa, Ukraine. Northwest coast of Puerto Rico.Berlin. Berlin and Münster in Germany. Kiev, Palangkaraya (Central Borneo), Rio das Ostras, Brazil. Jose C. Paz, Buenos Aires. Argentina. Latina, Italy. Aberdeen, Scotland. São Paulo, Brazil. Tijuana B.C. Mexico. Warsaw, Poland. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Slovakia. Coleford. The Internet. Ontario, Canada. Uruguay. Sydney, AU/London, UK. The Internet. Denmark. Moscow, Russia. Quezon City, Philippines. The planet Earth. Brusselles. Majorca and Albacete. Slovakia. North East England. Albury-Wodonga, Australia. Offenbach/Main, Germany. Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod. Melbourne, Australia. Belgium. Melbourne, Australia. Poland. Vancouver, Canada. Poland. Detroit. Melbourne, Australia. Montreal. Black Sea (Odessa). Beijing, China.Melbourne, Australia. Curitiba,Brazil. Brazil. England. Belarus. Fall River. Wilmington, Delaware USA. Seoul, South Korea. Warsaw, Poland. Bucharest, Romania. Tijuana, Mexico. Rennes, France and Minnesota, USA.

2. what kind of instruments/equipment you use? do you use some particular record technique? which is your method of composition?

I play drums and usually use anything that can make a sound the usual person would dislike.

I just mess around with effects and add some synthy sounds in.

We use any unusual instrument, children keyboards, sea bells, metal plates, children military (especially tank) toys etc.

We're guitar/drums duo.

Every object we can get our hands on which produces an interesting sound.(…) We record with phones, cameras, Pcs.

Soviet bass, expensive electro guitar, drums and karaoke mic.

It’s overflowing with digital and analogue synthesizers, guitars, a bass, lots of metal sound sources, many more pedals coz Angie is the pedal queen, a collection of flutes and toys and some mannequin arms.

Mostly an electric bass, synthesizers, various noise generators/boxes, pedals, gongs and other traditional Chinese instruments.

I'm using tools like piezo, Casio keys, walkman, music toys, Nintendo DS, Circuit bending etc 

Electric guitar with heavy fuzz, drums, a sampler called Funk Brazil and voice.

I use a dell notebook, monotron, electric guitar, sometimes bass, microphone, connected to a Tascam external audio soundcard

My gear nowadays  is based on sampler grooveboxes, I started off with handheld game consoles and old computers with software sequencers on them

domenica 7 maggio 2017

Sounds from underground/File N°71

amazing bridge between experimental, avant-grade sound and some melodic vocals that will fit perfectly to define our summer 2017. love, love, love. dig it otherwise you're a bad person
0. name of the band
1. where are you from?
Richmond, VA in United States
2. what kind of instruments/equipment you use? do you use some particular record technique? which is your method of composition?
I use a pretty sparse set up of mostly software synths and VST’s in Ableton and then I have a Teisco ev-2t which is this cheaper Japanese remake of the Vox phantom that Ian Curtis had, and I often use a looper to write. The compositional process is lots of moderating stream of consciousness flows. I don’t often start off with a clear idea for how the entire piece should function and I sort of use the act of recording as a means of songwriting.
3. what do you think about the music context nowadays and how you place yourself in? do you feel a part of any scene?
I feel a part of a historical lineage of home recording artists and other music fans who have a DIY approach to music that isn’t necessarily about achieving a certain roughness or unrefined quality to the music. As far as being a part of a scene, there are a few artists whose work I really admire, such as Hogan, this synth wiz kid from Delta-9 or some quadrilateral place where riddles predominate. My friends from school have been pretty successful in music and they have been an encouraging influence, but generally I feel pretty exterior to most of that.
4. do you think that nowadays has still sense talking about "underground"?
Yeah, I’ve often wondered about that myself, but I think that as long as there is artistic creation there will be an undercurrent of progressive artists challenging dominant aesthetic and distributional models and in that sense breathing an experimental spirit –– the essence of art making –– into an otherwise increasingly homogenized field where bands get branded and then installed as the vanguard for some promotional purpose or other. The proliferation of channels that allow people to access and discover music is certainly a mixed blessing, but in general I’d like to think that the creative underground has kept pace with the developments, because there are more people out there making and releasing music.
5. do you play live? how public react to your music?
I am in a band named Newscaster and we play live and the audience can be small and half the time it is in front of a room full of people who even if they didn’t like it I would think they would be too polite to say so, but yeah it seems like everyone is having a good time. I tend to get anxious before I perform and there’s a lot of drama queen sort of behavior which is totally unwarranted, but I would like to put on a big show. I have a lot of ideas. We’re playing at a festival back at my old school on Friday, so maybe there will be an opportunity for a more immersive set. We’re practicing on sequencing in between songs to have a continuous set and also open up improvisational opportunities. Considering playing solo stuff live, but need to get better with the Octatrack first.
6. Genesis P-Orridge said "Our records were documents of attitudes and experiences and observations by us and other determinedly individual outsiders. Fashion was an enemy, style irrelevant.". What do your records represent to you?
Really like that quote. I think my records are me trying to reveal my own subconscious processes. Shadowboxing with my own self-made phantoms and flights of whimsy that document my delayed reaction the impressions I receive. It’s a personal truth I’m looking for, but ideally it would end up dovetailing with a progressive politics which doesn’t romanticize escapism.