giovedì 27 ottobre 2016

Images from underground/File N°009

we're back after a long break from visual art post and I'm happy we're back with a strong hit like this. «SoaK / MocK» is a great expression of some kind of crazy digital, urban art, with a lot of SoaK and a lot of MocK. but as I used to say music is for listening and visual art is for watching. more stuff you will find here. enjoy

1. where are you from?
I am from Linz,Austria, where i just finished art university 
2. do you use any particular tools/materials/methods during the working process?

I am working half digital/half analog. All my works are based on visible structure/pattern in combination with special aspects of human perception as pareidolia or serendipity.

3. how is your working process?
I create structures/pattern by myself (drawing) or I find them in nature/architecture/etc... Music is also a main influence.
4. what do you think about the art market nowadays?
I don´t care much about the art market... - but I know that I am totally not into following trends
5. do you exhibit your works? how do you place yourself in actual art context?
Yes, I exhibit and sell my works. Tough question...  I think others should do that
6. is there a common idea that go across all your works?
As I said I am very interested in human perception. I like to learn about it by using its mechanisms to express myself. I see my method of working as a tool to make the world more understandable to me.

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