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Images from underground/File N°010

the fabulous art of Greg Bromley.  full of colors from inner world. I invite you to read this wonderful interview and check more works of Greg here. such surreal as outsider. dig it! 

1. where are you from?
I am originally from the east riding of Yorkshire in the UK. i have lived for 10 years in London and 10 years in south wales. i am now living back in the east riding just outside of Kingston upon hull.

2. do you use any particular tools/materials/methods during the working process?
I use Indian ink for my black and white drawings. for the colour work i use acrylic paints, spectrum noir markers, pencil and collage on paper, wood and canvas. i will recycle my drawings through photographs printed on the top of collage. i then make new images using my original black and white drawings printed on collage.

3. how is your working process?
I am a 43 Social Worker with a vivid imagination. I am a self taught artist and have only recently acknowledged the need for creative expression; in the last 4 years I’ve been in overdrive! I used to draw as a child and I’ve sporadically dabbled throughout my life, mainly in drawing. I certainly use my artwork to help manage my stress and it has proved a remarkable crutch, if not more of an obsession these days. I have recently exhibited in Stratford, London with the ‘Letting in the Light’ exhibition and was Artist of the month in November 2015 on the Outsidein website.

4. what do you think about the art market nowadays?
I have struggled to gain any interface with the 'art world', however i have sold a number of original pictures through facebook and have a website (that i haven't updated for ages) unfortunately, i don't have any representation for my work, and the rat race of life means that i don't have the time to throw all of my energies into taking my work to the next level...

5. do you exhibit your works? how do you place yourself in actual art context?
i have exhibited my work a few times and i have some of my work for sale in Tyler and Blacks in Beverley, East Yorkshire. i consider myself to be an Outsider/visionary artist.

6. is there a common idea that go across all your works?
ultimately my art lets me escape. its the only time when i am truly relaxed and in another 'place'. i love the way possible art images pop into my head and distract me from the stress of my job and it fills me with hope. certainly id like to think that one day i could make a living from my creative side...

I have also started to write a story around the paintings and drawings; this really has taken on an organic synchronicity. The story, at the moment, feels like something that may be aimed at Children and young adults, bringing in a touch of popular cosmology/quantum physics and a bit of Carl Sagan meets Lewis Carroll...

Many of my images reflect a multiverse of wormhole leaps and the creatures that inhabit this expanse. Like all good tales, My narrative deals with the good, the bad and the plain bonkers. Many of the paintings focus on the symbiotic relationship between the Matahog (Halkyn) and the Cathexis ID (Oni Jorges). The Cathexis ID celebrate Matahogs due to their friendship and elixir giving qualities. In addition to their relationship, my narrative touches on the relationship with the Skemthrip Tycho Quorag. Tycho Quorag is an elixir shaman who is able to call wormholes through his cosmic wisdom and heavy elixir use. A character that hasn’t been drawn yet is Narberth the cosmic parasite, he lives in a ‘burrow’ in Halkyn the matahog’s horns...

In the infinite multiverse, some creatures use wormholes as a means of traveling great distances. These wormholes can only be traveled by creatures who have ingested Matahog elixir. The elixir enables creatures to participate in communal wormhole leaps, and ensures that their atoms and particles are rearranged successfully at the other end of a cosmic jump. Wormhole leaps require a creatures atoms to disassemble on departure and reassemble on reaching their destination. This all happens in exactly the same moment of time and the creature will temporarily exist in both places at once (similar to the earth universe’ quantum mechanics).

my art influences are victor brauner, joan miro and irving norman; i love some of the established outsider artists such as wolfli and lesage. i am influenced by my childhood obsession with star wars, sci-fi and horror and my love of animals. i also love music with an alternative flavour and i am a big fan of pixies, grandaddy, radiohead, muse, future of the left and m83 (not junk).

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