martedì 26 luglio 2016

Sounds from underground/File N°047

<<Dogless>>. I'm just listening it from few days and can't stop. why? because it's so genuine and good. and the melodies are great. I'm not looking for more.

0. name of the band

1. where are you from?
I'm originally from the Detroit area in Michigan but lived in many places growing up, including Mexico, California, and Illinois.

2. what kind of instruments/equipment you use? do you use some particular record technique? which is your method of composition?
I mainly use my acoustic and electric guitars, a bass, and a drum set. I record using a pretty basic setup: a condenser mic, a simple soundboard, and my Mac. I write songs in a variety of ways, it just depends how I am feeling. Most the time though I just mess around on my acoustic guitar until a song starts to form.

3. what do you think about the music context nowadays and how you place yourself in? do you feel a part of any scene?
My personal favorite genres are indie rock and punk/emo. Emo and pop punk are in a creative resurgence right now with a lot of bands putting out amazing records. I love the DIY culture of emo and punk bands, where they write and record whatever they are feeling. I don't necessarily feel a part of any scene, but I do gravitate to the emo scene

4. do you think that nowadays has still sense talking about "underground"?
The internet has really helped the "underground" scene. People like myself are able to record and put up music for anyone to listen to, it's awesome. There's a ton of great stuff floating around the internet for people to hear. I'm glad blogs like yours help people find new stuff to listen to.

5. do you play live? how public react to your music?
Back to Bed cover artI don't really play live anymore. I have moved a lot over the past year and haven't had the time to. I like to focus my extra time on writing and recording, it's what I enjoy the most.

6. Genesis P-Orridge said "Our records were documents of attitudes and experiences and observations by us and other determinedly individual outsiders. Fashion was an enemy, style irrelevant.". What do your records represent to you?
I see my albums as a snapshot of my mental state at whatever point in my life I recorded them at. I try to name them in a way that accurately sums up that time. I was going through a very tough time with a lot of huge changes in my life when I recorded "Wait, Where am I?". I often felt lost and unable to process everything that was going on. When I go back and listen to my old albums I can remember how I felt at the time and what I was thinking. It's important to me that I continue to document things, even if I'm the only one listening.

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