venerdì 1 luglio 2016

Sounds from underground/File N°44

here we come again after a long break. and we come back with a wonderful project from Poland called <<CRØSSENS>>. funeral pop that to me has also some kind of outsider music approach and that makes it so so good. surely not obvious sounds and that's another reason why you'll love it. 

0. name of the band
1. where are you from?
2. what kind of instruments/equipment you use? do you use some particular record technique? which is your method of composition?
Oh, it'll be fail but... I can't play any instruments. But, hm, I'm using virtual instruments like piano or violin. I'm trying to make my compositions by matching the sounds. If they sound good, they match, then I leave it and find another sounds to mix with them. It's really nice process because I got a lot of sounds that don't match to my vision but sound cool so I save them for another song or even another project.
3. what do you think about the music context nowadays and how you place yourself in? do you feel a part of any scene?
Hm... me finding in a music context... That's interesting. I think I'm not a part of any scenes now. Yeah, of course we can say that my music is alternative or give my songs another tags but I don't know if they always be like that. I can't say that tomorrow I will make another song with piano because I can do something totally electronic. I think music nowadays is really interesting because we have so many measures that we can use and we don't need to limit ourselves. Ain't it amazing?
4. do you think that nowadays has still sense talking about "underground"?
Yes, totally! But I think underground could be anything right now. For example public opinions. We see on TV, Internet and other media very popular opinions, popular points of view and there are other people who think in different way. That's underground for me. Something different from these things we can see really quick by only turning the TV on. We see only materials about Muslim terrorism attacks and a lot of people aren't aware of the fact that Muslims are also the victims and there are organizations like RIRA. But if they want, they can check it. But they won't find it so clear on the net or radio. Same thing is with music. We can listen to good songs by only typing 'popular songs 2016' in the Google but if we want to discover some new interesting sounds, we need to spend much more time to find it. That's the underground for me. Something different and something not so easy and obvious.
5. do you play live? how does the public react to your music? Well, I don't. It could be amazing to connect with public and play they my songs live but I didn't have an opportunity to present my music live. Well, maybe if we'll count some parties with friends but for bigger crowd... I haven't played yet. Maybe it'll change someday, who knows!
6. Genesis P-Orridge said "Our records were documents of attitudes and experiences and observations by us and other determinedly individual outsiders. Fashion was an enemy, style irrelevant.". What do your records represent to you?
I would say my music represents me, my feelings. I'd love to have skills to describe the world I see, everyday situations but it's not so easy. When I focus on my emotions I know I can say a lot so it becomes to me so simply. I sing about myself and I also sing about the situations from the world, for example in 'Questions'. There are some incidents that I cannot leave without my opinion. So... yeah, mostly ma experiences are the inspiration for my records.


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