mercoledì 2 novembre 2016

Images from underground/File N°011

continuing with our little visual festival we pass across the art of XXII Outsider art/Brut art. as the name says itself it's about wonderful outsider expression, one of my favorite form of art as you could probably understood from this blog. enjoy the interview and more works of XXII here
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1. where are you from?
I'm from France
2. do you use any particular tools/materials/methods during the working process? how is your working process?
I use brushes, markers and acrylic paint, I work especially on A4 paper format. 

3. what do you think about the art market nowadays?
I do not know the art market, I started a short time, a few months to tell the truth in outsider art.
4. do you exhibit your works? how do you place yourself in actual art context?
I have never exhibited my works in public. But one day may be.
5. is there a common idea that go across all your works?
Yes behind each design there is an idea, a topic that stand at the heart.

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