martedì 6 dicembre 2016

Images from underground/File N°016

you can dive into art of ABBA an amazing outsider world full of weird images. entire gallery is available here.
artist words:
The Art of ABBA will appeal today to friek, characters circus of potential monsters, wounded inside but with something to show to
mankind their deformities' finding enjoyment on the reactions of the audience eturbative "paying" exhibiting their magnificent and beautiful ugliness and deformities', that in today's society is doomed to oblivion and hidden world.via com "aphorism bad" we are all doomed in our diversity and deviations, all doomed to be what we do not want to appear at the end, the aspects of our personality deformed who suffered irreversible damage over the years by constant bombardment from sublimated in order to search for the absolute beauty and conceal all that the aesthetic side bad you inside and out. humans need of care and self-esteem perpetual,
discover areas of the shadow of our supreme being is what Abba look in his paintings and characters circus freak.
a Circus scary creepy characters who come from distant worlds they do point out the viewer to follow the amazement repugnance the human deformities' view with closed eyes by hands but "peek" from what little space between your fingers.
are the attractions typical of the end 800’ early twentieth century, there is no subject of circus characters that do not have a skeleton in the closet, the marginalization of the character freak circus has always been admired and hated but always hailed as a true Star

about the art market :
I think that contemporary art is driven only by merchants, we must have a mass of money to push an artist today. I think that 1 of milion will reach the fame, I believe in the outsider art or art brut world and believe in talent artist that create good job.

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