venerdì 8 gennaio 2016

Images from underground/File N°002

This is Ulf Nylin of Blemished Art Vol. II, that you will find right here. His magnificent  works will take you over there. A kind of art that you just can't love.


1. where are you from? 
I was born and raised in Sweden in a remote village on the west coast. I lived there until I turned 18 before I moved into a smaller city in which I resided for about 10+ years. I never felt comfortable in urban areas, so I decided to move to a far more rural area located outside the confines of the city and this is where I’ve been living ever since.

2. do you use any particular tools/materials/methods during the working process? 
When I started drawing/painting again I started using ink, pens and charcoal. For the longest time I was never particularly fond of using paint or colors in general, but I was later on introduced to acrylic and watercolors. Other than that it’s all pretty basic, although I do like using (on rare occasions however) other methods such as collages. 

3. how is your working process? 
It’s quite sporadic. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that I should never sit down and try to create something just because I “have to”. There was a time when there was a compulsive need to always keep myself pre-occupied and to keep my hands “busy”, but it backfired after a while and instead I started to resent the very idea of even doodling something random on a piece of paper. These days I create something whenever there is an urge to or if I feel that I need to get something off my chest or my head. 


4. what do you think about the art market nowadays? 
I honestly can’t say since I’ve never paid all that much attention to the so called art market or how much one should charge when selling any of their art. The very few pieces that I have sold have been to people that I know and feel that they wanted to give me some sort of “symbolic sum”. 

5. do you exhibit your works? how do you place yourself in actual art context? 
No, I have never exhibited my work, but I have been asked once if I would be interested. I suppose that I could do it, but it’s not a necessity since what I do is solely because I sometimes need to ventilate. 

6. is there a common idea that go across all your works? 
The Hermit
A lot of the themes which are reflected in things that I do are projections stemming from myself personally, but above all a lot of it has to do with some sort of metaphysical anxiety that I need to express somehow in order to make my existence less unbearable.


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