lunedì 25 gennaio 2016

Images from underground/File N°004

horror, disturb, nightmare. today we'll have a bad trip. or a great trip, it's a point of view. anyway it's sure that the art of Thomas Stetson won't leave you untouched. if you can't stop to watch it (like me) more you'll find here

"Disability & Disease "

1. where are you from?
Originally from Massachusetts U.S.A raised by a working class family and lived in a poor neighborhood. Stuck around the New England area with my wife till 2008 and moved to North Carolina. Currently residing in a trailer park surrounded by degenerate swine.

2. do you use any particular tools/materials/methods during the working process?
Mainly use sharpie pens for the outlining and microns for the detailing, especially in my art journals. On bigger pieces I stain the paper with coffee and ink dye. I don't use color very often. 

3. how is your working process?

4. what do you think about the art market nowadays?
Not much. I have little or no contact with other people. 

5. do you exhibit your works? how do you place yourself in actual art context?
I exhibited my work at two different locations. One of which is an outsider art gallery, not sure if I quite fit in with that crowd. I draw a lot of inspiration from old medical illustrations and artwork by psychotics. 
6. is there a common idea that go across all your works?
I put a lot of emphasis on mental illness, really try to make a physical/visual representation of a psychological hell especially of my own. Social Anxiety. Disease. Outsider. Poverty. Malnourished. A young man I met in a psychiatric ward put it best: "It's like pictures from a medical book from the dark ages. They are all infected."

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