venerdì 22 gennaio 2016

Sounds from underground/File N°010

a debut release of experimental german duo <<Raune & McCartney>>. very, very well done! enjoy!

0. name of the band 
Raune & McCartney.

1. where are you from? 
Pogo McCarntey: Berlin and Münster in Germany.

2. what kind of instruments/equipment you use? 
Pogo McCartney: Previously basses, organ, metal sheets and a lot of effects.
Raune: Mostly an electric bass, synthesizers, various noise generators/boxes, pedals, gongs and other traditional Chinese instruments.

3. what do you think about the music context nowadays and how you place yourself in? do you feel a part of any scene? 
Pogo McCartney: Growing up I needed a sense of security and I saw myself as part of the punk/hardcore scene. This has, of course, influenced my music and me. I still have many friends in that scene. Today, I’d say, I feel have distanced myself from that very scene. Being part of one scene does in a way limit ones freedom. I’ve neglected a variety of inputs (music, art, and other influences), while exclusively focusing on bands and artists that are connected to the punk/hardcore scene.  
Raune: I feel the same way. Most of my friends are somehow connected to the punk/hardcore scene. I still go to shows, but less often. Personally, I still feel connected to that scene, but more to the people, while lowly drifting away from the music. For the past few years I’ve been searching for novel musical input of various kinds, as I got more and more bored of listening to bands, new and old, that apply similar musical patterns. A good friend of mine (also with a punk background), who is into noise music, introduced me to a few artists. Shortly after, I was fascinated by this kind of music - especially noise, drone, ambient etc. But so far, mostly because I have not played live, I don't consider myself to be part of that particular scene, even though it is a vital one.

4. which is your method of composition? 
Pogo McCartney: We don't use any method in particular, and mostly improvise.
Raune: We try to interact while playing/recording. It works quite well, as we both know what the other is doing and which direction he wants to move to.  

5. how is your recording approach? do you use some particular record technique? 
Pogo McCartney: Nothing special. I have recorded both of our releases myself. Basically just setting a microphone in front of the speakers with a few additional microphones in the room. The percussive elements are simply connected with contact microphones. No big thing.

6. do you play live? how public react to your music? 
Pogo McCartney: We have performed once. A friend of ours, Hendrik Otremba, who is the singer of my other band, Messer, read an excerpt of his upcoming novel and we provided background music, sound that accompanied the text.
Raune: I am going to play a first show at a festival organized by the guys that run the econore label which released our recordings.

7. Genesis P-Orridge said "Our records were documents of attitudes and experiences and observations by us and other determinedly individual outsiders. Fashion was an enemy, style irrelevant.". What do your records represent to you? 
Pogo McCartney: Music, thats the main thing. 
Raune: We do not do this music, because it is fashionable or on vogue. More people seem to like experimental/noise music, because some artists get some attention in the media. We play this music, because we like it. Most importantly, we enjoy working with and exploring sounds.

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