giovedì 14 aprile 2016

Sounds from underground/File N°034

4 tracks of dark expression create the album <<II>> by <<Dominik Suchy>>. Atmospheric, experimental sounds from Denmark.

0. name of the band
I release under my civil name of Dominik Suchy.
1. where are you from?
I come from Slovakia. In the recent years I’ve lived and worked in Denmark, Iceland and the UK.
2. what kind of instruments/equipment you use? do you use some particular record technique? which is your method of composition?
Both of my solo albums were made completely in my computer. I don’t use any specific ideas or preconceptions. I create music I like with the tools I have at hand. I’m open to anything in the future.
3. what do you think about the music context nowadays and how you place yourself in? do you feel a part of any scene?
I think it’s great that today anyone can record an album (although a lot of them are shit). I don’t feel a part of any scene in particular, I don’t play live. I am just a guy behind his computer. Maybe this will change if opportunities arise.
4. do you think that nowadays has still sense talking about "underground”?
I prefer to use the term “experimental” maybe. There’s a lot of non-mainstream stuff coming out, which is great. I think that this term is to broad to have a deeper meaning, but sure, it carries an idea that’s easy to understand.
5. do you play live? how public react to your music?
I haven’t played any of my stuff live yet. It would be fun to try it out.
6. Genesis P-Orridge said "Our records were documents of attitudes and experiences and observations by us and other determinedly individual outsiders. Fashion was an enemy, style irrelevant.". What do your records represent to you?
For me, my records are pure self-expressionism. I think they are quite moody and aggressive. It’s not the album you’ll go to and listen to every other day. It’s quite exhausting I’d say. That’s ok, and I think I’ll never reach out to a massive amount of people. But to me, that doesn’t matter. If there’s a 100 people that somehow get to it and can relate to and like it, it makes me happy. I think the ultimate characteristic and aim of my music is to totally consume the listener and make him 110% overwhelmed. That’s what I feel when I’m composing and listening to it anyway.

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